Editor’s note

The nation’s top policymakers and advisors will gather in early March to map out strategies and policies that will define the country’s development track and have a significant bearing on the lives of the people. Dubbed the year of reform, 2014 is set to see the Chinese government take more reform measures to raise government efficiency, crack down on corruption, facilitate business and improve the well-being of the people. Economically, despite domestic and international challenges, China will work to maintain stable growth while restructuring.

What’s your opinion about the changes? What are the topics you care about most for the “two sessions” this year? What are your expectations from policymakers? We’ve launched an online opinion survey, and we look forward to your active responses. Your ideas may prove valuable for policymaking, and we will send your opinions to government departments for reference.

What are your top concerns at NPC and CPPCC Sessions in 2014? (Please vote for 5 maximum)
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