ESS 英语故事表演 English Story Show

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   Having watched all those good ideas on English is Great project, I have learnt many wonderful ideas from other participants. Creative and new ideas always excite me. In the presence of many talented participants, I am grateful and feel honored that you have appreciated my presentation. In future, I will peruse practicing new ideas and keep teaching happily. With English, a great language, I hope that the students will get brighter avenues in their lives. 
   通过“English is GREAT”项目,我从其他参赛选手那里学到了很多美妙的主意。我感到万分的荣幸我的视频能获得评委们的青睐。我会继续实践新方法,快乐教学。希望更多的学生因为英文---这门伟大的语言,生活拥有更多光明的道路。

   An activity which is so effective in its simplicity.  It uses the course book as a platform (and hence language points from the syllabus can easily be incorporated into the stories) but the driving force of the task is the learners themselves and their creativity.  As Fu Maoyu says, it is an activity 'of surprise, full of life and energy'  because the learners are at the heart of the task.  It is adaptable for a variety of age groups and proficiency levels, and has that one great aspect desired of all time-pressured teachers - very little preparation time. 
   这是一个简单并且高效的课堂活动 。它运用教科书作为平台(正因为如此,教学大纲中的语言要点可以轻而易举的和故事结合在一起),但是同时推动活动进行的原动力来自于学生自己以及他们的创造力。