Topic practice (Hobbies) 话题练习法

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Topic practice is strongly recommended

   because it helps students accumulate languages, ideas and situations about different topics in real life. Hard to imagine we analyze reading materials or tell stories to a stranger when communicating with someone. Instead, an appropriate topic fills the gap between people. Through topic practice, whenever and wherever topics like hobbies, transportation, sports, health, weather, relationship…are involved, the students are familiar with them. 

   All topics from textbooks or from the syllabus cover almost every field of daily life. It is so authentic and practical because communication comes from topics in daily life and goes back to daily life. Students become confident of using languages spontaneously because they have tried a lot in class. 

   Topic practice has four steps called

   4Ps--Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Production. The teacher took “Hobbies” as an example in the video. In preparation stage, the teacher only needs to plan something interesting to lead in the topic, then present new words and sentence patterns as an input so that the students can output in the production stage. Students work in groups, practicing to challenge themselves.

   Guessing games, brainstorming, survey, interview and role play make the class fun and develop the students’ ability of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The class starts with words and phrases, then sentences and passages. The teacher plans basic “what””why” questions first, then more questions, then real situations, guiding students to think and encouraging students to speak in pairs, in groups and in public.