onion rings 洋葱圈

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Onion Rings这个活动是由传统的pair work 而演变出来的新型对话练习。其目的在于让孩子们能够与更多的同伴用目标语言交流,而不是因为位置关系,每次都找相同的人进行对话练习。希望这个游戏能够活跃课堂,让孩子们在课堂上最大限度的说话。    

   Onion Rings comes from a traditional speaking pattern called pair work. It is a new kind of speaking activity, which aims to engage more students speaking in class with target languages. As we all know, many students find the same partner to communicate when they need to practice speaking. So this activity is going to maximize speaking in class and make the whole class more dynamic.