literature circle 文学圈

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Literature circle is a highly engaging classroom activity in which students share information as well as opinions after they read the same reading material. A natural information gap is created as the students are assigned with different roles (tasks). 

   By being assigned the roles, students take on a specific task and are enabled to share the outcome of their own thinking and research in the group discussions. Through this activity, they are encouraged to talk and their participation and enthusiasm in the classroom are enhanced. 


   1.  Role assigning
   Assign the roles and ask the students to finish the role forms of summarizers, word masters, connectors and questioners. 

   2.  assign the discussion directors
   The discussion directors help to ensure the discussions to proceed.

   3.  Discussion among the same roles
   During the class, the discussion among the students who have the same roles takes place first. Students can discuss over different answers and try to reach some agreements. This step allows students to get inspirations from partners and can somehow revise or polish their own answers.

   4.  Evaluation 
   The teacher observes students’ discussion and gives feedback. An evaluation helps students to pay more attention to the quality of the discussion. This step can be placed before the 1st discussion or after all the discussions are finished.

   5.  Discussion among different roles
   Re-arrange the class and students with different roles sit together. The purpose of this round’s discussion is for the students to have a chance to deliver the results from the previous discussion and get a bigger picture of the whole activity. 

   6.  Class check/discussion
   The teacher is the main organizer of this step. Some of the vocabulary and sentence meanings will be checked and discussed. 

   7.  Extension activity
   The extension activity comes in many forms, such as making a poster, writing a review, or simply summarizing. It allows the students to consolidate and to self-reflect the content of the class.

   Apart from the roles listed, there can be other choices of roles like illustrators, character analyzers, and background investigators, etc.

   By engaging in the literature circle discussions, students gain more time and opportunities to talk in the class. Their ideas and opinions are shared, their initiative is enhanced and their language abilities are improved.





   1.  角色分配

   2.  在讨论前指定讨论负责人

   3.  相同角色者的小组讨论

   4.  评价

   5.  不同角色者的小组讨论

   6.  班级检查/讨论

   7.  拓展活动