Kaboom 恐怖炸弹

投稿时间:2018年11月25日 点赞数:10 作者:吴佳丽


 Many students don't like to read English aloud, this game will encourange students read English aloud in front of other students.During the game, students will chant "Kaboom",hoping the other team's students will pull a "Kaboom" out of the container. To win the game,students have to pratice what they've learnt over and over again until they can read them out fluently before the game. 该游戏的亮点在于,一旦小组成员取出含有Kaboom的纸条,小组内所有已获得的纸条都将被收回,因此,在游戏过程中,学生们都希望厄运降临在别的小组上。为了赢得游戏,学生在游戏前必须熟读所学内容,起到了督促和激励学生们朗读英语的作用。