Jigsaw Puzzle 拼图阅读、分享和问答

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In this jigsaw puzzle activity, learners are going to work as a pair or a group to practise their oral English. They are first assigned different parts of a learning material to read, which forms an information gap for them to share and communicate. After reading, students take turns to share their own parts of the story with their body language(a mind-map can be employed if needed). During this session, listeners are encouraged to ask for clarification from their partner when confused. When sharing is finished, the Q&A session starts with questions from the teacher or from the students themselves. To make it more challenging and interesting, students can only answer the questions from the part of their partners and they are winning points as a group. Questions are categorised into two groups: ask for facts( to check the information) and for opinions(to provoke thinking). This activity is aimed to engage students in actively processing information of a learning material, enhance their team spirit and creative thinking ability. 在这项拼图活动中,学生以对子或小组的合作形式来练习口语。首先,他们独立学习语篇材料的不同部分,形成了一个之后分享和交流的信息沟。接着,在故事重现环节,学生轮流给搭档讲述自己的部分,倾听者困惑时可向讲述者提问,同时可做一些笔记。分享后,问答环节开始,教师提问材料中的关键信息,或者由学生自己提问,但在这一环节,学生只能回答出自搭档讲述部分的问题,这样,任务变得更加有挑战性也更具趣味性,若回答正确则小组得一分。问题先是围绕材料可直接获取的信息,再是学生们对某一信息或是故事人物的观点看法。本活动旨在充分调动学生参与课堂的积极性,锻炼他们复述故事和提问能力,以及培养他们的合作精神和创造性思维。