Just A Minute一分钟交互式主题演讲

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"Just A Minute" is a fun yet effective speaking activity. In this activity, students listen for different opinions, present arguments, and share ideas of their own. This activity heat up the classroom, engage all students and scaffold them toward speaking fluency. It is also easy to plan and implemented, and can be adapted for different purposes. "一分钟交互式主题演讲"是一个有趣且有效的口语活动。在这个活动中,学生们有机会聆听同伴意见,阐述,并分享不同观点。这个活动能够使课堂活跃起来,使全部学生参与进来,并使学生们逐步构建英语流利表达。另外,这个活动简单易行,适合各种学生和情境。