Making Role Play Activity More Effective 【如何让角色扮演活动更有效果】

投稿时间:2018年11月24日 点赞数:314684 作者:杨斯毅


A role play activity is engaging because the students become actors or actresses. It is practical because it is close to the real life. It is also adaptable since it can be reused even for the same topic with slightly different items, and I know many teachers use it in their classroom teaching, but as for how to make it more effective, perhaps many people don't bother thinking about it, let alone researching into its validity. In this video, I will share with you a systematical way of implementing a role play activity. I have used it extensively in my classroom teaching and received great results. Stay with me for a way that makes some eight-year-olds defeat senior high students in many aspects of spoken English. 角色扮演活动是具有吸引力的,因为它使学生变成了演员;它是具有实用意义的,因为它贴近生活;它还是一种可以多次修改使用的活动,因为哪怕是稍微改变一下内容或东西,它就可以被重复使用。而且,我知道许多老师把它用于课堂教学中,但关于如何让角色扮演活动更有效果,可能许多人就懒得去想了,更别说研究它的效度。在本视频,我会与大家分享一种系统地实施角色扮演活动的方式。我已经把该法广泛地应用于我的课堂教学中,并且取得了很大的效果。和我一起,了解这种让一些8岁孩子的口语在多方面打败了高中生的办法吧!