Role play口语教学中的角色扮演

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Role play is a speaking activity that is commonly used in our spoken English teaching class. It’s an activity in which the students take the part of other people and interact using the characteristics of those people. Role-plays can be very helpful for students to learn and practice important vocabulary, sentence structures and speech acts.In my opinion, we need to follow the four steps below.    Step 1: Set up a situation.    Step 2: Assign roles.    Step 3: Act out the scenario.    Step 4: Teacher comments and Students discuss what they have learned. 角色扮演是口语教学中用得较多的教学活动。在这一教学活动中,学生扮演某一真实情境中的某一角色,将所学的单词句型运用于真实语境,并且有助于提升孩子说英语的兴趣和信心。角色扮演教学活动主要分为四个步骤:1. 设置情景 2. 分配角色  3. 表演情景 4. 教师评价以及学生讨论所学到的知识。