Poker Partner 卡片伙伴

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Poker Partner is a discussion-based activity that gives each student a specific role, making each of the student participate in the class. • It can be used for all subjects in a whole group or a small group (pair) atmosphere. • It can activate their background information, and motivate them to cooperate with others, to solve problems together, to raise questions, to think, to be an active thinker and also develop their critical thinking. • It can make each learner learn at their own pace, making English learning easier for them. Please check this video out, and I would be appreciate you can offer me with some comments or advice. 卡片伙伴是一个讨论为主的教学活动,它给每位学生一个具体的任务,并能高效地使学生参与到课堂中。它可以使用在每一个单元或新话题的引入或者贯穿在授课计划中,并能以组(对)的形式进行。它可以激活学生的背景知识,激励他们和同学们一起合作、解决问题、提问、思考,从而培养他们的批判性思维。最重要的是,它可以使学生以他们的节奏学习,从而使得英语学习之旅更加容易。