R Role Play

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I.What is role play? An classroom activity where we put ourselves into someone else’s shoes or an imaginary situation. II.Why? 1.It is a lot of fun and can be very motivating. 2.Introverted students get a chance to express themselves in English more straightforward . 3.Expand the classroom into outside worlds --through practicing in various roles and settings. III.How? 1.Appropriate dialogue part / listening/reading ,from the textbook can be great choice . 2.Get students prepared . The focus differs from elementary levels to higher levels . 3.Teacher may take up the role of helper ,supervisor ,and participant sometimes. 4.Error correction -Afterwards preferred. IV.A real classroom example(based on the dialogue in the textbook ) Setting:Peter and Jane are 9 year old twins living in a small town in the USA. One day they went shopping on the street with their father. Their old friend - Mr White is a vendor owner ,selling lemonade and some lollipops.  He greeted Peter and Jane:”Hey...” Step1.Teacher demonstrate role play in all three roles . Students follow . Step2.Students get into 3 big teams with one role .Do the role play for the first round. Step3.The 3 teams switch roles. Do another 2 rounds. Step4.Students assigned into small groups of 3,have 2 minutes to practice their own role play ,creative ideas are welcome at this stage if their level can cover . Step5.Teacher randomly choose a few groups to do their role play, let all students pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation ,the different tones ,the body language and so on .