Introducing GUESS WHO

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这是一个让学生在组内讨论,获得六个描述性句子,并随即参与到与其他组进行竞赛的一个活动。在竞赛中,看哪组呈现的句子数量最多,句子数决定了所获得的分数。此活动简单、有趣而且学生积极性很高。活动不需要任何教学工具,在活动进行的过程中,学生很积极地想要获取答案。而课堂也充满了笑声,因为有些学生可能会给出一些描述准确但很“有趣”的句子。这样,学生在一个轻松的环境下学习了如何描述一个人。 This activity is one where students in a group work out six sentences that describe a classmate from the same class and then participate in a competition against other groups to see which group can present the most sentences. The number of sentences presented decides the points the group gets. This activity is simple, engaging and interesting. It is easy to carry out without any teaching tools needed. While the activity is going on, every student is engaged closely to get an answer. Very often, the class is full of laughs as the students may come up with "funny" sentences that render accurate description. In this way, the students can learn how to describe a person in an easy environment.