Literature Circles文学圈

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In literature circle discussions, even though the students are reading the same material, they have been assigned with different roles and tasks, which creates a natural information gap for them to communicate. The roles include the vocabulary enricher, the questioner, the connector, and the summarizer. They first share in groups with the same roles, then in the groups of different roles. This activity allows them to explore the content themselves and encourages them to share their personal findings and ideas. It’s an activity with real context.
   更重要的是这项课堂活动能很好的鼓励学生们参与其中----每个学生都喜欢好的故事并且会有自己的解读,通过“Literature Circles”学生们不仅可以互相学习还可以提高自己的想象力。
Creative, flexible and inclusive in that it takes into account different learning styles and abilities, this activity is also very simple, practical and takes little time to prepare or set up.  It is also very engaging - everyone likes a good story and we all see different things in them, and with 'Literature Circles' students can learn from their classmates as well as see into their imaginations.