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Hi, my name is Elizabeth Goldrup. I will turn 14 this October. I am an American living in Beijing. I can't wait to celebrate with China next year when it hosts the whole world in the greatest Olympics ever!

My Great Wall Marathon

Not long ago, I ran the Great Wall Marathon. Some of my relatives worried that I might get hurt running and they encouraged me to wait until I got older. I am glad I didnt wait!

All along the way, Chinese people welcomed me and made me feel right at home. As I ran up one steep hill, a nice Chinese lady tried to give me a friendly push. After running about 25 kilometers, a nice man gave me a tomato from his garden. That was the best tomato Ive ever tasted! When I ran through villages, everyone encouraged me with shouts of jiayou, jiayou. It was awesome.

When I crossed the finish line, I wasnt the fastest runner or the slowest, but I might have been the happiest. That beautiful spring day, I was so happy to be in China , running on the greatest wall in the world, surrounded by people who wanted me to do my best even though they didnt know me.

This was the day I caught the spirit of the Chinese people and of living in China.

I Love China

I love all of China , not just the Marathon . Wherever Ive gone in China , people are proud to share their amazing culture and history. The people of Yunnan Province , for example, have so many different customs and backgrounds, but they all live together in peace and harmony. And they all share at least two things in common: they love their families and they love their country.

When I go home each summer, my family members in America ask me what China is like. Some of them have no idea how quickly China is growing. During the three years that Ive lived here, Ive seen all sorts of new buildings, museums, and other neat places to visit rising all over Beijing .

My favorite place, the Temple of Heaven , was here long before I was born and even before there was a modern Olympics. Everything at the Temple of Heaven , even the steps, has special significance. On weekends, I love to go there and listen to people sing the traditional songs most important to them.

I like to share the Temple of Heaven with our visitors from America . After I return to American in a couple years, I hope to share America with friends from China . I know one thing: if I see a Chinese person running a marathon in the United States , Ill be the one yelling out the words jiayou, jiayou.
Dave Goldrup 2008.01.01 08:24

I don't know Elizabeth, But my mother's name was Elizabeth Goldrup.

Smile 2007.12.26 14:13

I hope I did not miss ! Elizabeth, come on! For you courage!

jasmin 2007.12.17 15:13

Good luck from Nanjing!

froggie 2007.11.21 10:06

thank you girl!good luck!I know your dad.

C. S. 2007.11.15 06:52

You go girl!!! Good Luck and we all love you!

Christine 2007.11.08 16:15

Yo go girl! Be strong, good luck!

Leah Trabue 2007.11.07 03:33


GlobalEasyTour 2007.11.06 00:04

we support you. good luck!

Elizabeth Goldrup 2007.11.05 06:30

Good Luck

Rosemary 2007.11.05 03:33

Good luck

ruth 2007.11.05 01:57

good luck from worcestershire, england

Guest 2007.11.02 17:37


You're a winner & a great example to all!!

The Western Family

Ella Grundvig 2007.11.02 10:24

Go Elle you can do it we support you!

Jessica Smith 2007.10.29 09:04

You are amazing! I miss you so much! Nauvoo was a blast with you!
Good luck with everything! I love you!

drama friend... 2007.10.28 19:38


JH.ZOU 2007.10.28 12:24

I will help you to transmit this information to my friends and they will support you.
Good luck! Your kindly grandmother's student,in SCUT,Guangzhou,China.

guoming 2007.10.25 13:23

Good luck!!!you are the best!

guoming 2007.10.25 13:22

hi,good luck!!!Elizabeth.

Sherry Rowe Hood 2007.10.24 20:13

Your Grandparents are special friends of mine.

stefanie 2007.10.24 06:59

hey good luck! by the way your aunt is my awesome english teacher!!

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