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hi .Hello
jd 2007.10.14 22:00

I wish u best

jd 2007.10.14 13:42

Till the last day i support you.

jd 2007.10.13 20:19

I vote you daily but you dont want to drop me a line.joycedube@yahoo.co.uk

mike 2007.10.13 02:02

hi, read about you http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119192247502853226.html
now you are famous, send me a email somefuns@email6.com so i can take you to me apartment

mt 2007.10.13 01:51

i think alan paul wants you, he directed me here to vote for you. dress sexy when you run. hahahaha

jd 2007.10.11 21:54

You can make it.I am behind u

jd 2007.10.11 15:03

Check i support u joycedube@yahoo.co.uk

jd 2007.10.11 14:03

Check.I support you joyce dube@yahoo.co.uk

jd 2007.10.11 13:30

I support you my good friend.I vote daily for you.Please give me a line joycedube@yahoo.co.uk

jd 2007.10.10 16:55

I vote for you daily my good friend.You can make it.Please drop me a line joycedube@yahoo.co.uk

Jordan Rusike 2007.10.10 14:38

Haaaa KooK, what a pretty Gal...Through your beautiness,,Why not make it.Come on my Dear, We are so many behind u...Best of best wishes. Either you can drop me word on this E-Mail zjordan757@hotmail.com Thank you.God bless

jd 2007.10.10 12:57

I vote for you daily my sister.You are beautiful.Please throw me a line joycedube@yahoo.co.uk

jd 2007.10.08 22:23

You are beautiful.I will vote for you daily.Please send me a line on this email joycedube@yahoo.com.uk

jd 2007.10.08 20:58

We will keep trying my good friend.I will vote everyday.Please send me a line joycedube@yahoo.com.uk
I wish you the best.You are very beautiful

Can u... 2007.10.06 01:35

write more...?!?!

Yilin 2007.10.04 18:17

You are so beautiful.I vote for you. U can do it.

John Maganga 2007.10.03 17:35

Thanks a lot for your participation in this programme, you may send emai to me at makengaz@yahoo.co.uk

guest 2007.10.02 13:28

nice shirt.

us 2007.10.02 05:16

you are so so so so pretty

haha 2007.09.30 23:10

You are very sexy!!

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