Jenny Bowen

"I would love to run with children from our HTS programs -¡ª eight 8-year-olds from eight different provinces!"
  • · Ranking : 1st / 14,188 votes
  • · Occupation : Executive Director, Half the Sky Foundation
  • · Nationality : American
  • · Born : San Francisco, 1945
  • · Living in : Beijing
  • · With : Richard Bowen (husband), Maya, 12, and Anya, 9 (daughters)
  • · Since : 2004
  • · Mandarin proficiency : (on a level of 1-10, 10 being fluent) 2
  • · Hobbies / achievements : Spends her free time with her family (reading, playing games, exploring); proudest achievement is helping thousands of orphans through Half the Sky.


I want to run for the children of China.
Mother to two girls adopted from Chinese welfare institutions, in 1998 I founded Half the Sky Foundation, in order to enrich the lives and enhance the prospects of orphaned children in China. 2008 is our 10th anniversary!
My family moved to Beijing in 2004 to be closer to the work that has become the passion of our lives. Half the Sky ( offers its four nurture and enrichment programs to children living in 36 orphanages across China. We have served close to 15,000 infants, toddlers, young children and teens.
This year, as part of China¡¯s Blue Sky Plan, Half the Sky was invited by the Ministry of Civil Affairs to introduce its life-changing programs to welfare institutions in every province in China. We are so honored!
If I were selected to carry the torch, I would run with the children¡ª8 lovely children from our programs in 8 different provinces. What an amazing experience that would be for them!
Tina 2008.01.07 23:32

Wishing you the best! What wonderful work you do for the children of China.

Julia 2007.12.29 10:17

support u,thx~~~!!

Valerie D. 2007.12.27 03:17

My niece was adopted with your asistance from china.. she was abandoned outside a tobbacco factory nearly 2 years ago.

we just spent our 2nd christmas with her and she is the light in our life.

I commend you and all that you wish to achieve.. and hope that you will get to carry that torch for all the abandoned children of China.

Much love and gratitude,

Valerie D. (Tapie's aunt!)

nina 2007.11.25 14:50

i also support u for you kind heart.

nina 2007.11.25 14:50

i also support u for you kind heart.

Diane Stevens 2007.11.21 12:09

You are a bright star in the lives of many children and families around the world.

Angela 2007.11.13 15:57

Jenny, you still remember that you and some other half the sky foundation staff came to Chuzhou, a small city in Anhui Province in 2001? You still remember the girl of your interpreter who kinda helped to look after your kids? This is that girl.: P I voted for you. I'm very happy to see that both Maya and Anya have grown up. How pretty they are! Thank you Jenny, for all that you've done for the children in China! Thank you --- Angela

Marlene De Bellis 2007.11.12 04:16

Best wishes for you and your family for continued successful journeys of love and celebrations of life.

Jenny 2007.11.10 01:12

Good work!

The Cooper 2007.11.09 04:26

Congrats Jenny, HTS, and the other adoptive families -

Run proud Jenny. We all will run with you in spirit and deep within our hearts!!

Anna, Kevin & Keira (Fuling baby - Gotcha Day 9.14.03)

Lea 2007.11.07 00:12

Half the Sky has done so much. Keep it up! and Congrats Jenny.

Mum Mum 2007.11.06 03:03

A grateful grandmother sees how much HTS does as she looks at her granddaughter, Ruby Jinquin. Congratulations , Jenny, and may you always carry the light.

David Finz 2007.11.05 10:01

Congratulations to Jenny and everyone at HTS. Thank you for running for the children of China. We adopted our daughter Rachel Mei from Guangzhou in 2002, and I will be sure that she knows about this important event.

Becki 2007.11.04 12:08

On behalf of my beautiful niece, Hava, I thank you and wish you to run with HTS children! My niece is a former HTS child and I know how important this program is! Keep up the great work!

Mary Ungerer 2007.11.04 05:29

I am so happy you have been chosen to run. This shows the world how important these children in China are and we won't let them be forgotten. Thank you for all you do.

Rey Ramos 2007.11.03 18:39

Congratulations! You deserve it and you will inspire others what you are doing for the children who are in need!

Marie Duverger 2007.11.03 14:48

Congratulations to Half of The Sky! Thank you for the great work you have done for the children and thanks to Jeronia Montaner, one of your dedicated member who introduced Half of the Sky to me.
I will continue to support your actions.

Grandma B 2007.11.03 11:32

Congratulations-our hopes and dreams go0 with you! God speed!

Jerry & Maryann 2007.11.03 10:17

On behalf of our two China Girls (Jiansgsu 2000 and Hunan 2003), we honor you and all who devote themselves to making a difference in the lives of these small, precious treasures. We celebrate your being selected and hope to one day travel in one of your groups. We'll be watching you carry the torch for every orpahaned child in China. Keep up the great work!!

Guest 2007.11.03 10:13


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