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Pierre de Coubertin - do you know who he is? He is the father/founder of the Modern Olympic Games - it is because of his vision that after 1500 years, the Olympics were reborn in 1896. And he is my uncle (well, grand uncle), a true relative. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a relative of the founder of the Modern Olympic Games to be a torchbearer here in China?

China and Hong Kong is our home now, and has been for the past 15 years - our 3 children are born here and have lived here all their lives. They know nothing better than living here. It is strange but, because we have been here for so long, we don't see ourselves as "expats", but as new residents.

I have worked in China and Hong Kong for over 15 years, covered the country from East to West and North to South. But something was really missing in my life - I can speak Chinese, but just not good enough. So I decided, after a long and successful career, to take some time off and learn Chinese full-time. Finally! This has been and is still such a rewarding experience and I am improving every day now.

Alex, my husband, is a local entrepreneur, his business has been based in China and Hong Kong since we have been here.

As a family, we are truly blessed to be here, especially for the most exciting of all events - the Olympics. To be a part of this event would be a true inspiration...
Paul Wilb 2007.11.30 18:40

What an opportunity, go for it!!

Monique Smulders 2007.10.27 11:44

Googling my daughters name, I fell on you Noelle, and here I get the opportunity to vote on a future Olympic torchbearer. Family-ties, as you say yourself, are important! Here's my vote!

Nien Chang 2007.10.24 17:53

Noelle, that is amazing. Your family is related to the Olympics. Good luck! I vote for you from BeiDa!

mazhar ahson 2007.10.15 17:39

You have the passion adn desire to do this the right way, just wear the ISB blue forget that orange stuff.

Tony Tai 2007.10.14 23:30

Family is the highest honor. You are related to the very best of the Olympics. I vote for you!

Fu Hua 2007.10.14 23:21

I agree with all the comments - your relation to the Olympics Founder is the most important reason to be selected. Good luck!

Wan Lin 2007.10.14 23:20

What a wonderful timing that you are in China at the same time as the Olympics - I am sure that you are the ONLY relative in China of the most important Olympics person ever! You should win!

Wen Chu 2007.10.14 23:11

Great, you should win. Go for family reason. Good luck!

Oi Lan 2007.10.14 23:06

Noelle, good luck. Be the winner. I agree that because you are related to the Olympics by blood, you should be a torchbearer. China would be proud to have you run here with us!

David Hsu 2007.10.14 22:47

This is the first time that I know someone famous! Well. famous family..ha ha ha. Go for it, family is best reason.

Francis Smulders 2007.10.14 22:39

I'm sure my niece-in-law will be one of the torch bearers in the Beijing Olympics !!!

Felix Cornelissen 2007.10.14 22:36

Yeah Noëlle !! We wanna see you bearing the torch in Beijing, here in Holland on TV !

Liu Li 2007.10.14 21:58

Family is #1, so you deserve to be a torchbearer! Your uncle is the reason for the Olympics!

Janice Hulse 2007.10.14 21:55

Noelle! You have my vote - carry the tradition to hold the family name at the Olympics!

Su Hai 2007.10.14 21:48

Noelle, you are the family of the most important Olympics person! That is a BIG deal. Good luck!

Joseph Tan 2007.10.14 21:38

You are the one, Noelle. The Family of the Olympics! Good luck!

Li Juan 2007.10.14 21:26

Good luck to you! Great that you are related to the very important Pierre de Coubertin! He is the reason the Olympics exist today!.

Qing Fang 2007.10.14 21:23

Good luck but really no need because you are Olympics Family already, so you should win!

Tao Zou 2007.10.14 21:19

It's your family so of course you should be selected! Good luck!

Yan Chen 2007.10.14 21:09

Good luck to the one with the great family link!

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